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[Online] Hip Flexibility & Back Care by Fonny (50 min) at 10.30am Sat on 9 May 2020 -finished

[Online] Hip Flexibility & Back Care by Fonny (50 min) at 10.30am Sat on 9 May 2020 -finished

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Our body reacts differently everyday. Stress could be the core to discomfort and tightness. This class will help to relief the stress on your lower back and gain flexibility. Poses are perfectly design to find peace with your mind and body and  gradually improve flexibility.

  • Class Level: all levels (most suitable for beginners)
  • Ease/Intensity: Moderate
  • Props: -
  • Capacity: 8 pax only

About Your Teacher: Fonny is a RYT-200 certified instructor. She believes in a balance practice that involves stretching, strengthening and breathing that gives the benefits for our daily activities and a good nights rest.

Fonny completed her teacher training with Under the Light Studio, Malaysia. In a short period, she has shared her yoga practice with different level of practitioner, gender and ages.

Fonny once had discomfort on her lower back and knee from an old injury. In her past fast pace work life, which has cause her to develop insomnia. Yoga has been the practice that gives comfort, sustainable recovery and finding back a meaningful work life balance.

Her sequences can be both traditional and modern, providing her students with what their bodies and minds need in that specific time. She fosters a good relationship with each student on all levels and diversities on each session to cater to her student's needs at that moment.

Fonny hopes that everyone could gain the same benefits through the practice of yoga.


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